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R. Miles Stanislaw

Miles Stanislaw is widely recognized as one of the premier construction trial attorneys in the United States. His practice is now devoted almost exclusively to the representation of general contractors. Miles has specialized in high stakes, “we gotta win this,” bet your business kinds of cases.

Miles has won more than 31 multi-million dollar verdicts, arbitration awards and settlements representing construction clients throughout the United States. In addition, Miles has successfully defended contractors in some of the biggest construction defect cases in the country. He has served as lead trial counsel on cases in Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, Kentucky, Florida, Alabama and New York. His project experience includes highways, bridges, jails, dams, reservoirs, luxury hotels and residences, hospitals, schools, pipelines, factories, airports, boilers and processing plants.

A United States District Court Judge in Florida had this to say on the record about Miles:

...we are seeing an exemplary display of adroit and smart litigation by an experienced lawyer.... We are seeing a good lawyer on his feet.... Now the fact that Mr. Stanislaw has been such a good lawyer here this morning.... Too bad we haven’t got a class of young law students watching this....

Miles has represented a very large international construction company for a good part of his career. The General Counsel from that company wrote to Miles:

I appreciate the fine work you have done for our company.... We consider you to be a tremendous asset and ally to have to deal with complex legal problems.

The General Counsel of another long-time client wrote Miles at the conclusion of a hard fought case and stated:

We,...and me personally, wanted to thank you for jumping in on.... Your help was invaluable.

The General Counsel of a large civil works contractor wrote to Miles, stating:

We had a trial this summer that I wish you could have helped us with. You are the smartest lawyer I have ever worked with.

A forensic expert, who works nationally and internationally, wrote:

It was a pleasure working with you again. You have an extraordinary ability to identify and focus on the key issues early, to plan and direct a case decisively, to communicate clearly and timely, and to step in and get us information when necessary. It sets you apart and makes you among the very best of the best with whom I’ve worked.

In addition to his courtroom skills, Miles has also been retained on a number of occasions to provide expert witness testimony. Miles recently testified as an expert witness in The People’s High Court of Beijing, China. A Chinese lawyer who was in attendance wrote to Miles:

You were amazing in the court today and you really inspired us. It’s my great honor to have a chance to learn from you.

Miles is just as passionate about waterskiing as he is about practicing law. He is currently a nationally top-ranked competitive water skier.


"Having a client trust me enough to be asked to help them solve a big problem is so great. I love being able to dig into the facts and do the hard work it takes to solve the problem. For me being a lawyer is not drudgery. It is exciting, challenging and very fun."

“Thank for the exceptional experience of working with a true Master of Construction Disputes.”